Acer Aspire 5003WLMi Battery Issues

I bought an Acer Aspire 5003WLMi Laptop about 1.5 yrs ago, we have been quite happy with the performance and the laptop with the exception of possible battery issues. There are tons of times, when we go to power up the laptop, even when it's plugged in, and it won't power up. We then pull the power cord, pull the battery out, then put the battery back in. Lots of times after doing this, then it will power up, quite ofted we have to try it a few more times to get it to power up.

We don't seem to have a problem with battery life, when it's all working, but is anyone else having power up issues like this? Is it a BIOS Issue? Battery Issue? etc?

Thanks, James
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  1. Possibly the battery.
  2. No one else? LOL. I know it's possibly the battery, just hoping someone has had a similiar issue and fixed it.
  3. I have the exact same issue. One thing I do after removing power and the battery is to hold down the power button for 15 seconds or so. That always seem the clear the issue but it just started happening to me. Have you replaced the battery? I will and let you know the results. I have exactly the same model laptop and it's about the same age.
  4. Dear jflongo, the Acer 5003WLMi definetly suffers from battery issues.
    We bought 4 back in 2006 and each laptop's battery failed just after a year. Next to this, the laptops did not function correctly when we put the batteries in. Two of these laptops were used for videos, gaming, etc. while two others were used solely for word-processing, internet-browsing and E-mail.
    The only solution is to take out the battery. I'm guessing it's a manufacturing issue, so I would avoid buying a battery from the Original Manufacturer.

    Good Luck,
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