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OK, so I was setting up a VPN through Windows 7. On my host machine I was messing around with the users that are allowed to connect through the VPN, and I deleted my account not really realizing what I had just done (I thought I was just deleting the account that was able to connect to the VPN NOT the local machine account user). The account that I deleted "MATT" was the one that I was currently logged on to (and still am as I type this). But now a "you must restart your computer to apply these changes" message comes up every few minutes. So when I restart my computer my account will be gone (but all my files will still be on my HDD just not in the user account that windows will boot into). I have since added the same account name back into my system but if i restart the new user account will come up as "MATT."ABC"-PC"... and in C:\users\ I will still be able to see my account "MATT" along with the NEW "MATT.ABC-PC" and all my other user accounts. The reason I know this is because on one of my other PC's the same situation happened but I was able to easily use a restore point via "system restore" from right before I deleted my user account on that machine. Unfortunately on this PC I am having this issue with now, does not have a system restore point I can load back too. So is there any way to undo the deletion of my user account while I'm still able to access it before my computer restarts?!? and/or is there a way to recover it after my computer restarts?!

Thanks!! :D :D
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  1. bump... come on someone should be able to help me :( anyone? helllllooooo?
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