[SOLVED] How to install XP via USB flash drive

hey all,

I installed Windows 7 on my Acer Aspire One 10" netbook using a flash drive. I love 7 and all, but it eats up battery life like crazy. I only get about an hour and a half lifespan, while XP gave me a solid three hours. I can't seem to get this to work correctly though. It always gives me a different reason for not being able to install xp from whatever usb device.

Anyone have experience with this?
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  1. Are you sure installing Windows 7 caused XP to uninstall? Usually you can have both OSs and select which one you want from the boot menu.
  2. I formatted the hard drive, totally removing all previous partitions.
  3. doesn't work, as mentioned in the last post (which is mine). this is ridiculous, you'd think it'd be easy.
  4. Can't you repeat what you did to install Windows 7, just with XP?

    Also, what are the most common errors you're getting when trying to install XP?
  5. No, I can't repeat those same steps, I tried a few times.

    However, I solved my own problem once again. I was inspired to do a little write-up about the whole ordeal.

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