Compaq C714NR Laptop touchpad won't work out of the box brand new

Bought this brand new out of the box and the touchpad won't work at all. Device Manager states it is working but it isn't. Contacted Compaq 3 times really good assistance but still doesn't work. Uninstalled and reinstalled, updated drivers. Installed Synaptics PS/2 Port Touch drivers and still nothing. The orange light is on showing the touchpad is on and working but ZERO response. Any suggestions? I might have to return it, UGH and I already loaded a bunch of software and memory already. Memory is easy to remove though. External USB mouse works fine.
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  1. If you REALLY can't go without the touchpad,then you should exchange it.Otherwise just use a normal mouse.
  2. Thanks I am just really upset this is a present for my sister and I don't want to send this to her and the touchpad never worked. Maybe someone has a some idea of something I have overlooked.

    Thank you.
  3. There should be a function key that lets you toggle the touch pad on and off. Try using that to make sure that it is actually on. My friends have an HP laptop (Hp owns Compaq) and when the indicator is orange, the touch pad is off, blue for them is on. Other than that, I don't know. You may want to get the unit replaced. Sucks that it's a new one.
  4. SWEET!!!! I just checked the manual and you are right!!! The touchpad should be blue when it is active. Strange that the three people at Compaq helpdesk didn't say anything when I told them it was orange. I will find the toggle and see if that does it.

    I will post back my findings.
  5. Cool hope it's all sorted.
  6. Woot! You should either have a dedicated button for it or you will have to hold the Fn key and one of the F keys. For me it's Fn+F1.
  7. OK I will try the FN keys. The manual didn't state a function key but I know there is one. I will be home in a few hours to try it, YEAH!!!! Hope this works. Yes I am a wooter!
  8. Problem fixed, thank you lostandwandering! Have to make sure the light is blue for sure!
  9. Woohoo! Isn't it a great feeling knowing your expensive new toy isn't a dud?
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