Compaq evo n800c, overheating

compaq evo n800c overheats haveing it on for an hour or so, the ram door is hot too, then the display starts to flip. took it apart cleaned but was not that dirty, fan works, any help will be great, before I use it for target shooting.
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  1. Perhaps the CPU heatsink isn't properly seated against the CPU or the thermal paste needs replacement.
  2. ok i will check on that, but would that make the ram memory get hot too
  3. I have a similar problem to this. I'm running Ubuntu 7.10.

    When I have it on for a while the screen flips and makes the computer unuseable, but if I go to the shutdown screen the display comes back. If I'm editing photos or doing something processor intensive, then it can be about an hour before the screen messes up.

    I'm currently looking at ACPI support, hoping that the temp sensors need to be recalibrated, but i'm having no luck at the minute...

    Any suggestions?

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