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1. SYMPTOMS: When I try to download software, I get a window titled "User Account Control". The message in the box says: "To continue, type an administrator password and then check Yes". Even though I know my passord, I can't key it in because there is no field to do so. The 'Yes' box is greyed out, so I can't say 'Yes'. The 'No' box is active, so to close the box I say 'No'. I get the same message for many other operations including trying to edit the registry.
2. ORIGINAL CONDITION OF MY COMPUTER: When I received my new computer a few months ago, Window 7 Pro had been set up with two (2) users. I had no trouble downloading or doing anything. I set up my password and used it successfully many, many times.
3. WHAT I DID WRONG (My bad!!): Since I'm the only user, I wanted the system to come up directly without having to key in a password. After doing a much too cursory review of UAC web articles, I decided not to use Control Panel and instead to manipulate the UAC (-WRONG, MY BAD!!). I'm now taking notes on everything I do, but did not do so here. I think I keyed "regedit" then HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/MICROSOFT/WINDOWS/POLICIES/SYSTEM, then clicked on SYSTEM to display seventeen (17) items in the right panel. For no good reason, I think I changed item 5, (EnableInstaller Detection); then item 6, (EnabledUA); and finally item 7, (EnabledSecureUIAPaths), from state zero (0) to state one (1). The sytem now operates as detailed in SYMPTOMS above. (However, I've seen information on the web where all of these values are in fact one [1]!!).
4. WHAT I'VE TRIED SO FAR: Thinking it may be true that the three (3) values above should be (0), I tried changing them from (1) to (0). The same box, "User Account Control", with no field in which to key my password appeared. I also tried to do a system restore to a previous state but got a message that there were no restore points.
5. WHAT I HOPE CAN BE DONE: I would like to change the system back to the above item 2 'ORIGINAL CONDITION OF MY COMPUTER'. I ALREADY know how to re-install Windows, but I was hoping that my system can be made right without re-installing Windows.
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  1. Will it allow you to do a System Restore?
  2. That's one of the things I tried. I later heard that when the registry is edited, all restore points are deleted.

    It appears that I had two choices: reinstall Windows 7 or get help on fixing the problem. I found two choices: Mcrosoft Premier or a System Mechanic service. I chose the latter...it worked!

    Thanks for your interest.

  3. Nice to hear...congrats!
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