My emachines laptop wont start up normally

hi. my netbook won't start. It happened when I accidentally plugged out w/o the battery on it. When I tried powering it on, It went to black screen with options:

safe mode
safe mode with networking
safe mode with command prompt
last known good configuration
start windows normally

We already higlighted all the options but it just kept on restarting all over again. Pls. help. thanks
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  1. If you don't mind losing your data, reset your Emachine to Factory settings by holding down Alt and hitting F10 when you power on. Otherwise you'll need a bootable disk to attempt repairs.
  2. I tried pressing alt f10 and then something pops up, and then I hit enter, it loads, then now it's just a black blank screen. should I power it off and turn on again?
  3. Won't do any harm to try again, but looks as though you are going to need an Install disk.
  4. It's already working. I just waited a few minutes after pressing alt f10 and followed the next steps. Thank you very much for all your help =)) God Bless.
  5. You're welcome...
  6. my laptop is only going to the windows error recovery its an emachine laptop. also i try pressing start windows normally and it wont....... what do i do
  7. Start a new thread in Windows 7 Forum, you'll get more attention that way.
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