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I just got a brand new asus cm6730 desktop pc. It comes with Windows 7, predictably.

I started it up, as the instructions were fairly simple. Upon doing so, I got a black screen for an unimaginably long time. It was supposed to take only a few minutes. It was close to 30 minutes.

I restarted the computer to see what was wrong and went to the safe mode terminal to see if anything popped up. Indeed. After it loaded a bunch of packages, it prompted me to restart to continue with installation.

I did... and then It just blanked out on me again.

Question of the day: what is wrong with my new computer?
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  1. I power it off and open the case and see if a ram stick or the video card or cpu heat sink has been bumped or moved from shipping the pc. most times it a ram stick or the video card is not seated all the way down. if the cables and cards are fine and the fans for the cpu and video card are moving fine...then somthing failed from the time they installed the ghost image on the hard drive till the time you got the pc.
  2. Could be the OPK (OEM Preinstallation kit) failed through corrupt install. If you don't succeed wih smorizio's suggestions, try restoring to factory default by powering on and hitting F11 to get restore menu
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