How to reclaim the deleted partition in Windows7 ??????

Hello members, how are you all? I have Win7 installed as my OS. In my desktop I have 2 different physical hard-drives. First one is 40 GB which is whole C-Drive without any partitions. Now the other hard-drive is having capacity of 500 GB, which I had divided into 4 partitions namely D, E, F (each 100 GBs) and the last one is G-Drive with 200 GBs capacity.
Now, 2 days back I had used Win7’s inbuilt Disk Management tool and had shrunk my D-Drive by 15 GBs. Hence, I had got a new partition with 15 GBs capacity which I named as Z-Drive (just to recognise it very easily). Today my work was over and I had no need for that Z-Drive anymore so I just explored ‘My Comuter’ and formatted Z-Drive using right-click context menu. After formatting Z-Drive I started Disk Management tool. I just right-clicked Z drive and clicked ‘delete volume’ so that I may get that much space as ‘Unallocated’ and then I would again extend the D-Drive (or so I thought). But when I deleted my Z-Drive, don’t know how but G-Drive also got deleted along with it and now both Z and G drives are shown by green color in Disk Management tool and they are showing their capacity (15 GBs and 200 GBs respectively) as free space!!!!!!
I have a lot of crucial and important data and files on G-Drive. How this G-Drive got deleted automatically along with Z-Drive?? And I haven’t formatted G-Drive, are my files and data still present on G-Drive??? After all this I right clicked 200 GBs partition (G-Drive) and selected ‘New Simple Volume’ and followed the steps accordingly (I had checked ‘Do not format partition’ while creating ‘New Simple Volume on that green colored 200 GBs space ) but this tool waits for 3-4 minutes and gives error message as “The operation failed to complete because the Disk Management console is not up-to-date. Refresh the view by using the refresh task. If the problem persists close the Disk Management console, then restart Disk Management or restart the computer”.
I had refreshed and restarted the computer several times after that and tried to create that ‘New Simple Volume’ but every time the same error-message pops up. First of all please tell me is my data still safe on that 200GBs space (as I had checked ‘Do not format partition’ while creating ‘New Simple Volume’)????? And then please suggest me how I can convert that 200 GBs space into G-Drive?????
I am very much tensed as I have a hell lot of important data and files on G-Drive!!!!!! Please help me members if there’s any solution to this……….
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  1. Adviice

    Don't panic provided you data should still be there waiting to be recovered.

    One piece of software which is free and well respected is TestDisk & PhotoRec from

    available in Windows & UNIX/LINUX versions

    I would use the Linux version (which is included in the Parted Magic Live bootable Linux CD image.)

    Read the instructions several times. TestDisk can find traces of deleted partitions and re create them

    If the Info on G: is really important either go to a specialist (costs lots of money)

    or buy a replacement hard disk of the same size (or larger) as the problem disk and clone the complete disk.
    (use software which takes a complete hard disk image not just the active partitions)

    Then shut down, remove the problem hard disk and do your recovery on the replacement hard disk with the image of the problem hard disk.

    best of luck

    Mike Barnes
  2. Hello all members...........first of all thank you all for your kind support and help regarding my question above. After reading your replies i googled a bit and got a link for EaseUS website. There it was said t use EaseUS Partition Recovery Freeware. I gave it a thought and decided to try my luck and bingo............................i got back my patition with each and every bit of my crucial data intact!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I shall say that this tool i very very easy to use and very powerful at the same time.........i am posting this reply just in case if anyone faces the same problem so that they can use this great tool and reclaim their deleted (by mistake) partitions.
    Thanks again folks for your valuable time and support.
  3. Thanks for sharing that with us, I use EaseUs Partition Master for creating/resizing Partitions and find it excellent. Not had to recover one yet, but good to know what to use if it is required!
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    dodger46 said:
    Thanks for sharing that with us, I use EaseUs Partition Master for creating/resizing Partitions and find it excellent. Not had to recover one yet, but good to know what to use if it is required!

    You are most welcome mate...........i don't want anyone to face such dreadful condition of losing a complete partition full of crucial data........anyways i think we all should share such useful information in this great forum............
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