Xmas PC recommendations

hey ppl,
some quick questions regarding PC's... Now i'm able to get a new PC from someone as a gift as long as its under $1,000.
1.) Is there any pre-built PC that matches (or close to) what i want?:
-WD Raptor 74GB 10,000RPM
-60GB Hard Drive
-GeForce 7800GTX
-AMD X2 4200+ Manchester
-OCZ PC3200 EL Platinum Rev. 2 1GB (2x512MB)
-FSP Group AX450-PN ATX12V

2.) Can I upgrade a pre-built PC (put in my 60GB HD,maybe another HD, 2x120mm fans, new video card, new PSU,new mobo,etc?)?
3.) Only able to get PC from CompUSA, BestBuy, Dell, or QVC
3.a) Which brands/comp/specs do you recommend? (Can i upgrade it?)

Some i've found:
I.) Compaq Presario sr1650nx Minitower=$679.99
II.) HP Pavilion a1230n Minitower=$719.99
III.) HP Pavilion a1250n Minitower=$899.99*

4.) What do you think of the one's i've found? Good service/support (if i need it?) Are they ugradable?

Hope someone out there can help. Remember, under $1,000. Just want something close to what the performance i want and a PC that i can upgrade...thanks in advance. -peace
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  1. Man, even though christmas is over, I am still letting you know the Video card and Processor alone runs pretty close to a 1000 already, I would lessen the load and go with a Opteron. Also that set up looks close to about 1250-1350. Just a guess. That answers your first question, oh but buying online of course, not from those retail stores. They will rip you off severly and take your left arm too.

    Secondly, If you were to buy a compaq or dell or any other HP system and upgrade, including the software and everything else, you definitley would run close to or even surpass 2000 with those parts you have listed.

    I thnk the best way to go is to build from scratch so you can do whatever you want and still be able to do so in the future. Besides its fun, I just sold my dell and currently purchasing some of the similar parts that you have and building my own.

    Overall, hope you got what you wanted for christmas, seems to be a kick a** computer. Have fun..

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