pavilion zt1230 hard drive will not boot

[#0000ff] I have another latop top problem, it is a pavilion zt1230 that will not bootup, i was told to format it, i think that was a mistake? i used Diskpatch to partion it and to set the boot sectors, now it will not boot with the windows xp pro installers disk, it says NTLD could not be found and then stops. any help with how to redo a hard drive would be great thanks
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  1. have you set your boot options in the BIOS to boot from the cd-rom first? If not, do so and see if it will boot with the XP install disc.
  2. ya i did set the BIOS to boot from the cd-rom first, it starts to look to boot from the cd and then says NTLDR not found and then stops. I have tryed to make a bootup cd disk for XP, and i have not had any luck with one that will work, " you know the ones like EZboot programs"
    do you know how i can download a start up disk for XP PRO?
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