Inegrated Graphics for Laptop HELP!!!

Ok so I have a laptop with 2gb ram, and it has shared integrated graphics. I'm trying to play a game that doesn't require a highend graphics card.. but it lags a little on my computer and it's not because of my connection. If I increase my memory to 4gb ram, will that make my game run better since I'll have more memory to be shared.
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  1. can u say in which games u have problems ?
  2. I'm not even playing anything special... Just a free online fps called Warrock. This game has really low requirements but I still can't manage to run it perfectly.. and yes I'm looking to run this game perfectly.

    Another thing I did just yesterday was increase the pagefile file size towards my virtual memory... Did I really do anything by increasing this or will it not be that much of a difference?
  3. Are you sure you got the latest drivers for your intergrated gfx.???
  4. i just went to the intel site and updated to the latest driver they had for my integrated Gfx. Still not running smoothly enough. Once again I believe increasing my ram will do the job or atleast make a significance but if anybody disagrees or has any advice please post.
  5. It might help a bit, but 2 gigs should be more than enough for a low end game...are you sure it's not just bad coding for the game?
  6. I don't think it's the coding of the game. But yeah game still runs semi choppy... When I'm on a map and I face the center of the map it's slower but when I face away from the center lets say a wall and there is nothing further than the wall that's when It runs fast.. sigh I don't know if it may be my processor(2core running @ 1.89ghz). Still taking any advice.
  7. Welcome to the wonderful world of Integrated Graphics.
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