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I'm currently dual booting windows XP and windows 7 RC. I want to upgrade to the purchased version of windows 7 so i can get rid of the restarting every 2 hours, but I also plan to build a new computer within the next year and would like to avoid having to buy two copies of windows 7.

If i buy the upgrade version of windows 7 and to upgrade from my licensed xp copy to windows 7 will i be able to use that license again on my new computer when i build later. I won't be using the license on two computer simultaneously. Once i decide to build my new computer the old one will be no more.

Thanks for your help.
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  1. MSFT does not upgrade from XP to W7, fresh install only, one license per computer, so if you are removing this from the old computer then ok, if you have 2 computers then you need 2 retail copies of W7
  2. If i bought an OEM copy of windows 7 could i install that on my current computer, and then when i decide to build my new computer remove it from my old computer and install it on the new build?
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    yes, you will need to call MSFT and reactivate it, tell them the motherboard died and you replaced it
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