HP Pavilion a1250n Desktop PC, upgradable?

HP Pavilion a1250n Minitower=$899.99*

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Is this computer upgradable/is it worth it or there another PC?
- 2x120mm fans (front & rear)
- GeForce 7800GTX
- Chaintech VFNF4/BIOSTAR TForce4U/ or EPoX EP-9NPA+Ultra
- 60gb HD
- Fortron 450 PSU
- 1GB (512MBx2)OCZ Plat.Rev2

Lemme know... thanks in advance -peace
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  1. I have the a1250n and you can upgrade it. A new PSU wont void warranty according to HP. But if you want to upgrade it with the stuff you listed why not just build your own.

    According to HP an a1250n has a 250W PSU.
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