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Been thinking about getting my wife a netbook. She will mainly be using it to watch netflix on demand and facebook and doing some typing I am wondering which one to get her. I seen dell has the mini and I have heard some really good things about asus's aspire one. I am wonderign what netbook would get her the most bang for my dollars. So what do you guys think?

Thanks in advanced for your answers.
Brandon a.k.a jokersmiles.
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  1. The new ones are running on Atom N450. Most netbooks have roughly the same specs, so I would personally go to the stores and physically feel the keyboards to find out which one feels the best for you.
    Also, how long do you intend to use the netbook without a power supply?
  2. I would say don't bother with a netbook unless you absolutely need it to be 10", you get better bang for the buck and better flash support and video playback from small laptops with AMD NEO and intel SU series processors with better GPUs. Also an 11" keyboard is more usable in my experience than a 10" one.

    Netbooks are for casual browser use, netflix 'instant' service is a little more demanding.

    Something like these;

    Although if you still want a 10" netbook, then get something with at least the N450 processor because with the GPU and memory controller on-die, it's much faster and better able to handle media content. Even with an ION chipset the N2xx series is too slow for consistent viewing, and the 520 while paired with the capable PowerVR based G500 is is equally good but not great.
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