New Gaming Keyboard & Mouse - Logitech G15 & G7 ???

I now need a new gaming keyboard & mouse - I've tried the G7 gaming mouse (and really liked it) but haven't ever tried the G15 gaming keyboard.
What's it like to use?
Would you reccomend it?

Many Thanks
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  1. The g15 and the g7 are an awesome combo, but i would like to correct what i have just seen in there review of the g7, the batts dont last a week they last you 12 hours, witch i find to be just fine, idk how they got them to last a week but maybe one of them can fill us in how.
  2. They just copy pasted their review from the MX1000 I guess...

    They last 10 hrs maximum. But that's fine with me because you can swap them in an instant.
  3. i got them to last 12 hours but still im very impressed with this mouse
  4. I didn't want to imply that I don't like the G7. It's by far the best mouse I ever used.
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