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Hey guys, im looking to get a 256 mb flash drive. Do you have any suggestions on which brands are good? Im looking for something this that is PC/MAC compatible, and quick. Thanx
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  1. I have a 256MB Lexar JumpDrive Pro and a 128MB Cruzer Mini USB Flash Drive. Both work well and are USB 2.0, but the Lexar definitely has a faster transfer rate than the Sandisk. I have been trying to find a web site with some comparison tests but haven't found any. Have you?
  2. I have the Lexar Jump drive too. It came with my Canon Digital Rebel. I've not tried it because I also have an Imation FlashGo! USB Flash drive that I use constantly to take files back & forth from home to work & to transfer large image files from the Canon's 1Gb CF card to my PCs. I like the Imation because it came with several adaptor sleeves to fit all those CF card form-factors out there. It's also doesnt have the "Dongle" cable the Lexar has, so is a lot smaller & easier to carry around, & less likely to get damaged than a cable&connector assembly is.

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  3. I also have Lexar JumpDrive Pro. It is very easy and convient to use.
  4. i use a Sandisk Cruzer 512, works great.
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