need some help for compaq presario 2070N

Hi, I need help with my Compaq Presario 2070, win XP, 512 MB , PII.
Power always shut off after boot up to Window XP Logo show up. Thanks
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  1. What's the clock speed of your Pentium 2? Microsoft recommends 300 mhz minimum, but I think you can get by on 233.
  2. it's 333 Mhz
  3. Did you just install Windows XP, or did it just start doing it now?
  4. No, it came with laptop, it just start doing now
  5. can someone out there help me please?
  6. Maybe the windows system files got corrupted? But that would just bring up an error, it shouldn't shut it down...I'm really not sure, sorry.
  7. well, you been tried, thanks.
    I try to reformat then re-install windows, but power always shut it down even boot at cmos.
  8. You can try calling HP, they own Compaq now, see if their tech support is any help, though the laptop is old enough that they might just not help at all.
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