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I have a Compaq Presario C700 @ 1.6ghz and when I got it about two years agao, it only had 1gb of RAM. Then last year I uped it to 2gbs. Right now they are DDR2 and I would like to get DDR3 and have 2x4gb so I can have 8gb of RAM... Would that be good or would it be to big of a jump? If it's good, then where is the cheapest ones at? I am looking every where.

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  1. Can your computer support that much RAM? What's your reason for getting so much RAM? Most applications don't need anything over 4 GB, and those 4 GB sticks can get pricey.
  2. I have some games that require around 3 GB and my anti-virus takes a lot of system resources. I plan to get a job at my local PC Warehouse and so I will prbably be able to get some sort of discount. I do not know how much they are as of right now... I just want a general idea.
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    Based on this, you're already at your max 2 GB of memory. If you want more RAM, buy a new laptop with that discount. You can get a few decent laptops under $1,000 that can game and most laptops come stock with 4 GB RAM nowadays.

    Also, which AV are you using? I'd recommend AntiVir (or Avira) for lower system resource usage and for the free-factor.

    *EDIT*: Oops. that links to the C710ED. I think they're pretty similar, but if you have your product number, go on their website and find the product specifications for your laptop. It'll let you know how much RAM you can handle.
  4. I have Webroot. And my laptop is 1.6ghz... I am going to just build a laptop... At least then I will know what I have in it and such.
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