What LCD monitor should I get???

I'm planning on building a new computer with these specs:

CPU:AMD Athlon 64 4000+
GPU:XFX 7800 GT Factory Overclocked
RAM:2GB (2 x 1024MB) MUSHKIN DDR400 EM PC3200 2GB Kit
HDD:80 GB WD Hard Drive(no comment)
Optical Drive:BenQ DW1640 DVD/CD Burner/Reader
Barebones:Shuttle SN25P

I plan to do FPS's with high FPS on this mean machine so a monitor which matches my graphics card (LCD's native resolution </= graphics card max resolution output) is important and price is of course a consideration. What suggestions for a LCD monitor do you people have? Or should I just use an DVI to VGA adaptor and use a CRT screen? And if so which CRT monitor?
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  1. Anyone?
  2. I ordered an ATI X1800XT and am fixing to order a Dell 2405FPW 16ms.
    Will work for me!
  3. I have an Apple 20" Widescreen. At first I was concerned that the quoted 16ms would be a problem with gaming, but the only thing I regret about getting this monitor is that I could have saved a bit longer to get the 23" big brother. On the other hand, the native resolution of the 23" is 30%more megapixels than 1600x1200 - which my X800 XL can barely handle in most games - so the 20" ended up being a good choose overall.

    Getting back to the point... I think the Apple Cinema range and the Dell UltraSharp widescreens all use the same panels. Mine is fine for gaming - I play a lot of CS Source, DOD, BF2 etc and it's fine. The main difference from my old CRT is that the Apple LCD has way more colour definition and blacker blacks.

    I'd seriously consider one of them. I got the Apple because it was more visually appealing and I could get it as cheap as the Dell through educational pricing, but the Dell does seem like a more logical choice for a windows user, given it's more user friendly interfacing (ie Apple LCDs don't have an OSD menu to make adjustments, they just have brightness - hasn't been a prob for me though).

    Kick arse comp btw...
  4. Get an LCD, but what size do you want/need?
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