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every time i want to go to email address on a page i get this and i so tired of it now that i,am thinking of giving away my computer and just for get the dam enternet ! but i keep get this reply every time ? defaut mail client property installed ? . won,t let me use the e-mail i put the pionter on -a page ! it say not properly installed ? how do i get this out of my hair? and yes i new to the enternet realy and always learning ! the hard way and do not like too ask for help , a man thing . thats why when a man gets lost he realy is lost!!!!!!!
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  1. Windows is trying to use the default POP3 mail client in Windows, don't worry about it, let it open and copy the address that you want to send the mail to and open your regular mail account, Yahoo or what ever, then paste the address and send the mail, sorry but it's the only way that I get around this problem
  2. Download and install Windows Live Mail (part of Windows Live Essentials)... or Thunderbird... or Opera... or whatever email client you like. Windows 7 does NOT come with an email client installed... you must choose and install one yourself.
  3. i wont to instol now.
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