Ming xing a008 chinese phone

hi am knew to this site can anyone please explain to me how you set the wap or internet and mms on the voda payg uk settings

i have tried the network provider but the don`t have the settings for this phone as it is from china. please if any one can help its frustrating.

:??: :cry: :sweat:
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  1. If you have transferred the SIM from another phone you should contact Vodaphone and get them to update your SIM for the new phone (though that may be what you already asked).

    I have heard that these Chinese things are quite a cheap way of getting a wifi equipped phone (even if some are pretty terrible in every other respect).

    Interesting to know how you get on because though, unlike some providers, Orange will sell me a wifi equipped phone for PAYG -- I'm not paying £100 for it when the wifi bit probably cost sixpence !
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