PC gaming with installed Windows 7 pro-64bit o.s.

Just wondering if anyone that has Windows 7 pro-64 bit installed is able to play older PC games such as Sniper Elite, Unreal tournament original, Call of Duty 1 and 2 and other "normally-run in XP mode" PC games? I recently went from Vista Ultimate 64 bit to Windows & Pro-64 bit( which I'm so thankful I did) and still have the games I listed and am wondering if I'm able to install and run successfully? I welcome and thank you all for responses.
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  1. All games should work on windows 7.
  2. Games you were able to play in XP should run fine in windows 7.

    PresidentSwag said:
    All games should work on windows 7.

    Not all games. X-com didn't. Had to run DosBox to run game.
  3. Depending on your hardware, the games might even run better on Windows 7
  4. Everything that is not 16-bit "should" run fine. Hell I can even run winquake :)

    That said, you will still run into some games that will just not run. Many older starwars games do not work(Pod Racer,Shadows of the Empire). Many times it is because the game has a 16-bit installer.

    In general, Win7 64-bit runs games quite well.
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    From personal experience not everything will run in Win 7 64 bit. I loaded CoD #1 and one of their DLL files for copy protection crashed Win 7 and had to reinstall. Others I found will install but not run even in compatability mode. That's why I have a dual boot system.

    I would recommend checking your software with:

    and other similar sites.
  6. It's always good to keep the OS that runs it just fine. It doesn't hurt to get Windows7 but the games you plan on using may or may not run. Most of the games i had since Win95 work fine (haven't tried the rest) but again the best way to test is to get Windows7 while keeping the OS that the game worked on is fine. Multiple OS's on one machine won't hurt long as you install it correctly, have a good amount of disk space and you'll be fine.
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