Just a beginner. Building a pc. Which way to go: scsi or sata? all info appreciated, thank you.
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  1. Unless you're building a network host or you have lots of cash to blow, stick with SATA.
  2. What do you plan to use the computer for? It would have been nice for you to give a little more information. Scsi is mainly used for servers, it is VERY expensive but also very fast. There is no point it spending $1000 on a SCSI disk array for a computer that you plan to surf the internet and play games on.
    So you probably want to get SATA or PATA drives, the only real difference at the moment being smaller cables.

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  3. Thanks for your responses. This will be a gaming pc. Might want to get a little crazy with it. Cost is not unlimited but not a real issue.

    Started to plan for SATA, but having second thoughts:
    Intel P4 3.2 EE
    Asus 875P Model"P4C800-E Deluxe"
    Kingston 1GB DDR PC-4000 (512 X 2)

    Could someone please recommend some compatible components if want to go with SCSI? Or for first building project is it simpler with SATA? Thanks very much
  4. If you go over to <A HREF="" target="_new">storage review</A> and look at their performance database you will see that in their gaming benchmark only 3 drives outperform the WD360GD ($114). They are the WD740GD ($252), the MAS3735 ($504) and the 73GB Atlas 15K ($574). So if you are aiming for best performance you could get a WD740GD at about double the price of the WD360GD. You could also get a MAS3735 or a 73GB Atlas 15K for 5 times the price but it'd be a waste of money that could be better spend it on your graphics card / processor.

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  5. Don't bother with scsi, it's just too much more expensive. Last I checked, a 170GB scsi drive was upwards of $800. Trust me, for games, there are lots of components you could spend that extra $600 on to make your gaming experience much better. All a scsi drive will give you for games is faster level loads, and a little more noise in your case.

    If you want to improve your level load times, get two to four small SATA or PATA hard drives, and put them on a Raid-0 on a Highpoint or 3Ware raid controller. Look for a motherboard that supports 66mhz PCI bus. Two Raptors would also load your game levels in one quarter the time it takes a single 7200rpm disk, and you'd only need a two-channel raid card for that - lots of motherboards have them built in now.

    Don't buy a Raid card from Promise. I could give you 20 minutes of reading on why I say this, but I've already typed it into enough threads I'm sure you can find it somewhere. ;) Suffice to say, I've had two of them, and I wish I'd done something else instead, like maybe cut off my own genitalia.
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