Toshiba A205-S5804 a good deal?

I came across this A205-S5804 laptop on sale at Best Buy. I would like to have a laptop, but it is hard for me to justify the high cost when I have a nice desktop to use for the majority of the time. The specs on this one seem too good to be true... I haven't been able to find any reviews of it.

I'm not looking to play games aside from maybe some real oldies if I need to kill some time (think Starcraft). I mainly want to do the following at decent speed:
- Browse the net.
- Watch Anime (Media Player Classic + CCCP).
- Take notes, word processing for school work.
- Microsoft Visual Studio for school work.

Gaming would be reserved primarily for the desktop.

Also, I Have no experience with laptops whatsoever... I assume this would come with a power cord and all the other necessary items... right?

Thanks in advance,
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  1. Bought one last week to replace my aging Compaq (1.1 Gig Athlon).

    The only reason I bought it was that the Compaq was limited in memory, could only rase it to 384K. Bought a wireless cardbus, and a usb2 card bus for it. Was going to replace the CD/dvd drive when I saw this laptop as BB.

    It should be fine for everything you listed. Only draw back is finding which Upgrades work (ie exceptable memory, can (and how to) upgrade proc.

    I plan on upgrading the ram to 2 Gigs, as 1 gig is on the low side for vista.
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