Dell XPS 630 Constantly Crashing

Hi all, I am not sure if this is the correct form to post it or if you guys help with Dells here, but I figured I'd give it a shot. I apologize in advance if this is not ok.

I recently returned home from a weeks absence and now my XPS 630 is completely unstable.

Problem: Boots to windows, works fine for a random period of time (usually 5-10 minutes) and then crashes. When it first started it was blue screening and like an idiot I didn't get any information off of there. Now it just goes completely black and makes a long beep until I manually power it down.

Event log gives me an event ID 41 Kernal Power

Changes I've made since I've been home

1. Reset my router so that I could reconfigure it to be a little more secure.

2. Added a new laptop to the home group (NOT the machine having problems).

3. Installed Itunes.

4. Installed NewsRover.

My first step was to try and system restore back to before the ITUNES. That failed because of a lock up. I then system restored back to when I installed itunes which was successful. The problem persisted. I then just went for a re-installation of Windows 7 (was being impatient). This was successful. Problem still occurs.

I ran a a diagnostics test from the Bios and received this error

Memory Ground Bounce Test:

System Error

Cpu 0; Invalid Opcode exception occured.

At this point the test just stopped.

Any advice of where to go from here? I'm going to try removing it from the homegroup and disconnecting it from the network to see if it is a problem there. Because so far it has only happened while connected and , like i said, the reinstallation of windows 7 went fine.
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  1. it re-installing windows makes the error still occur then obviously its your hardware... CPU 0 refers to the first core in your processor. So you could have a bad core on your CPU. try going into the BIOS and disabling core 0 (First core if you have a multi core processor). if that changes things a little bit then we may be on the right track
  2. Today I removed this computer from the homegroup and have yet to crash. I know that probably doesn't make any sense and it will probably end up crashing in a few minutes to make me eat my words, but it is kind of interesting.

    When googling this problem yesterday I came across a guy who said that when he added a new computer to the homegroup his main pc constantly blue screened and crashed. That's what made me decide to just try and remove this one and see what happens. I guess that really wouldn't really address the error in the BIOS test though.

    You think I should just ride this out and see how long it goes before a crash (I don't do do any work on this PC so I can handle it crashing) or do you think I should just go ahead and disable the core?

    Thank you for the response btw! I really appreciate it.
  3. What i'm here for. I think you should wait it out first then it there is a issue. try disabling the core
  4. Taking the problem computer out of the Home Group seemed to do the trick. I used it quite a lot this weekend and it didn't crash once.

    Thank you though for being around Rockdpm. I know you guys probably don't get a lot of love for this kind of free forum support, but know that there is one guy that very much appreciates people like you.
  5. Yea man, its what i do. I am in the IT field for a reason. and thats to help the guys that get sent to the back of the line all the time :). let me know if you need anymore help. PM me i'm always available
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