Looking to upgrade CPU on Laptop, need detail inside info

Hello everyone. I recently purchased an Acer Asipre 4810t. The thing is great, all save the CPU. I bought a CPU that will fit the socket and works with the chipset. The only problem I am having now is how to dismantle this thing. I've looked online for sites and nothing is coming up. I am finding older models of Acer laptops, but nothing that is close to this model. I need some in depth 'guts' info on my machine. I don't want to tear the whole thing apart and later learn that I broke some vital piece of it while doing so. I tried last night to dismantle it, but it seems to be split into two halves, with some parts being stuck to the top half, while the mainboard and some other parts stayed on the bottom... However, it seems as though the thing is glued or screwed together.

So, my question is: Does anyone have a video or some pictures that I could use to guide me through this harrowing process? This is the first time I've done anything to modify a laptop. I've built plenty of desktop PCs, but that's an entirely different story.

The Acer 4810t Is the ultra slim, ultra portable edition. Weighs about 4 pounds, little less than an inch thick. Very nice and classy. just don't to ruin the thing while I'm operating on it.

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  1. Have you taken the keyboard out -- that's usually the easiest way in to a motherboard.

    You have checked that it is possible to change the CPU on this model ? -- most laptops I've dismantled have it soldered straight onto the motherboard.
  2. I haven't found a way to take the keyboard out yet. It doesn't seem like it comes out, as there is no little piece of plastic that covers the top of the keyboard like I've seen in so many other teardowns.

    I have not checked to make sure the the CPU is changeable. There is nothing at all on the internet about the insides of this computer. Sad. That's why I'm asking if there is anything out there that someone might have more access to than I.

    I was really hoping this was going to be a bit easier. It looked easy from the outside, as the whole laptop is split in two. Sadly, I was mistaken. :??: :(

    From what I saw last night doing a partial tear down, the CPU is on the bottom of the mainboard. The heat sink and other chips are all on that side of the board, so the CPU would have to be as well. And thats only with taking the RAM/HDD cover off.

    Would some pictures help? I could take some pictures and post them if that would help.
  3. I figured out how to open the case completely, hooray! I've been hearing from some people that the CPU on this machine is BGA soldered on to the mainboard. I really hope this is not the case, as the CPU I bought might not fit and I'd have to pay someone to install it, as I don't know how to solder let alone do something as advanced as BGA. Anyway, just an update.
  4. Here are the links you are looking for or for anyone who is doing research on the same thing. The first one shows the easier stuff and their is a Pdf download that takes it all the way to the parts-bin, and the melting of the battleships prior to the smelting of the metal. I really hope you follow up with this post I have one of these, and have considered this.
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