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I just put together my first build and happy with the performance until yesterday. Normally in runs around 5% CPU with a temp around 30. Yesterday it jumped and remains at 30% CPU with a temp at 40 C. Used a program called Process Explorer to find out that the svchost.exe was using up 26%. It was broken up by the following services:


I did a little googling and found similar problems. It seemed like all the services were safe and required for windows run. So I'm wondering why they were consuming all this CPU usage last week and the week before, and now the sudden change. What can I do to limit this?
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  1. Windows has most of the tools needed to diagnose what's goining on - there's no need to install 3rd party software, which can cause issues to begin with sometimes

    I suggest you remove the software you installed and learn how to use Resource Monitor

    you can also look into the Event Viewer to see what's going on
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    Its just the way the Windows Architecture works. Just like for me, i can notice "Explorer.exe" in task manager just eating up my system doing... Nothing. I thought at first it was Internet explorer until i opened IE at it was named different. SO i checked some things and talked to some people and turns out Explorer.exe is a sort of mesh to your operating system. Just like right now, I could have absolutely no programs opened and my system would still be running about 37c on the core (overclocked cpu) and using 25% of my system and random programs flashing back from usage:2 back to 0 on the list in task manager.... its similar to how your System memory works....
  3. right and i know this now.... I can tell the difference. I was explaining to the dude above...
  4. explorer.exe is your functional desktop
    iexplore.exe is Internet Explorer
  5. After digging all day on this problem, I found some more. Windows update not working but got that fixed. Microsoft security essentials not updating, but uninstalled that all together and got a symantec endpoint protection for free from my company, and also did a system restore to a few days back. I don't know for sure, but the games I downloaded between then and now must have been the root of the High CPU usage, because its no longer there. I'm running at a cool 5% again. Must have been an opening in the network allowing these games to update. Starcraft II, Tropico 4, Dragon Age II.
  6. Well see, heres the thing... you want your games to be able to update... Otherwise when you launch them next time they could give off a error
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