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Thanks for looking.

I've been shopping around for quite some time now looking for a 19" LCD. I mainly use my CPU for gaming and watching movies.

The last time I tried and LCD (2 years ago) I had a lot of tearing and blur, it was horrible. But from what I hear, technolgy is finally up to par now and LCD's can perform well enough for gamers to start using them.

I want to spend under 300, thats my goal. I've found quite a few I liked at around this price but i'm not sure which are optimal for gaming. I'd also like it to have at least DVI input.

Is it dependant on the response time? I believe I read somewhere that you need under 14ms for gaming. Is this true?

I do like to play using large refresh rates also. On my old CRT I had the refresh rate at 120.

Can I get some recommendations and prices? Thanks again!
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  1. U should get a Viewsonic Vp930.. I can say it's the best 19" in the world now, for everything.. Especially movies and photographing.. Btw if u r playin games like %80 - watching films %20 if they r like these then u must a get a Viewsonic Vx922 - Vx924.. Response time is important for gaming.. If u use your lcd like %50 gaming - %50 movies then 8ms response time is the deal so I suggest u Vp930.. Btw there is no refresh rate on lcd's its totally different.. For Dvi 60Hz is the best view.. Here is a link of Vp930..
  2. If you're gaming and watching movies, then low response times are critical. Anything under 12ms will do fine. If you're just surfing the net and doing office work, don't concern yourself w/ response times.

    Here's a review of some very good 19' LCD's. I personally like the Hyundai because it's very affordable and has a 8ms response time. Most of these LCD's are around $300.

  3. This is a huge issue for me. I've got a 17" Sony rated at 16ms that exibits no viewable motion blur ("ghosting") and I love that monitor. I also have a highly rated expensive ViewSonic that was highly rated and said to have a 8ms response time. In spite of the lovely still picture quality I hate my 19" ViewSonic VP191B! The ViewSonic has very obvious motion blur. It turns out that the 8ms advertised response time is gray to gray and that the actual response time more like 20ms. Everybody loves that stinking vp191b but I hate it. My Sony SDM-X73/B was not highly rated but I love it, no ghosting!

    I'm in the market to replace the vp191b with a faster monitor with a faster one the same size or maybe bigger, any ideas?
  4. Quote:
    For Dvi 60Hz is the best view.. Here is a link of Vp930..

    Might I also at that the Vp930b sells for $460.
    The VX924 wasn't good for movies... the VX922 will probably have the same problem.
  5. Lakedude

    17" LCDs will almost always outperform the 19" monitors. Bigger screens will only get slower. Also, the VP191b was supposed to be one the best out there with a good balance of picture quality and response time. You might have to sacrific some of that quality for the speed.
  6. i have a hyundai l90d+ and it is awesome. it works extremely well and i have no regrets whatsoever.
  7. Quote:
    i have a hyundai l90d+ and it is awesome. it works extremely well and i have no regrets whatsoever.

    Can you see ANY ghosting? I'm having a terrible time trying to find a monitor that doesn't ghost that doesn't look terrible in the process. The reviews of the VX924 said its quick, but it has a lot of video noise.

    Tell me everything you can about the L90D+ please
  8. As far as I can tell it doesn't ghost. My eyes aren't exactly trained and it works very well for my purposes (gaming, movies, general web use).

    I also code a lot for school the monitor has proven to be very easy on the eyes, and it has nice brightness control. it can get a little tiresome on those late nights, but if you stare at any white screen long enough it can bug you.

    it is only a 6-bit panel so the color representation would be off as far as graphics is concerned, if you're into development.

    This montior should also be around $300 (maybe cheaper) by now.

    And of course, if you have more money than that, by all means splurge and get an extremely high quality monitor that will last a very long time. It's a good investment.
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