I need a new scanner!

I had an HP 6300C Scanner (about $500 new), but it's 5-6 yrs old - I think it has died and need some recommendations as to a replacement. I don't need this Professional level - but want a unit that scans photo's well, with perhaps some cropping/color correction, etc. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

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  1. Perhaps the most daunting task for a scanner is scanning real small items such as 35mm negatives. A photograph, usually much larger is a far easier hill to climb.

    For what its worth the April/05 issue of consumer reports had best buys in the $100.00 scanner class listed as the Canon 4200F and the Epson 2480. You can spend far more, but the question is will you see better results?

    My guess is likely not but examine your scanning needs for the best answer.

    You might get some answers on Steves digicam forums but that site would be heavily biased in terms of photoprinting------so its worth the read for you. But be warned--some real photofreaks there who think nothing of spending really big bucks.

    High resolution scan file sizes get really big really fast. Most scanning is done at lower resoluition and few users see any output advantages to going to higher resolution.
  2. Both look good ... if you had to pick one, which would it be? (being lazy - both have great prices)

  3. FYI ... I ordered the Canon 4200F from Newegg ($89) ... can't wait to get it. Seems perfect for my "non-expert" usage ... thanks :wink:
  4. I replaced my mustek 1200IIIEPS with the canon 8400F. The software doesn't let you scan at the top resoulation but i read no software can make use of it anyway.
  5. Thanks - but I already bought it ... just haven't installed it yet.
  6. Let us know how you like it when you do...
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