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Ok, there are ALOT of threads in this forum about what LCD should be for what, and I thought I'd make one question, that maybe the moderator can sticky, so new users and everyone else can read here and just get a quick answer....

so here it the gaming LCD's, that can work for movies too, and Photoshop

Hyundai ImageQuest L90D+ vs
Viewsonic vp930b vs
Viewsonic VX924 vs
Viewsonic VX922

If you had to buy one today, as of Dec 19, 2005, which one would you pick?

[please dont answer because you read the specs, but because you have used it, or are using it]

[moderator, please edit this post if you want to add any other models]
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  1. VP930B
  2. Just thought I'd let everyone know I ended up getting the VX924.

    It was 299 and and im not looking back, its a great monitor.
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