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Windows 7 wont start and i cant figure out reinstall

I recently updated my not so official copy of windows 7 with the automatic updates (i bought the computer, wasnt aware windows wasnt legit but he said everything is good). Ive updated before. needless to say i have been gettin some torrents. now when i restarted after the windows load screen the computer reboots. i put a windows 7 disc in the cd rom and try to reinstall, when I hit install it just says remove the disc and restart the computer? All i want is to erase and start over. what am i doing wrong, why is it so hard to format my partition :D grrrr
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    Hi :)

    Easy answer...

    BUY a genuine copy of Windows 7 and insert the disc....

    Apart from that we cannot help you with ILLEGAL versions of Windows here as its against Toms rules...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Tom's Hardware doesn't support piracy.Sorry.
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