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i lost my phone, can my phone be tracked to find it?
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  1. If you believe what you see on CSR, they can.

    Have you tried calling your provider to ask them?
  2. yes but only in case if you have your imei no
  3. The carrier would be able to provide IMEI, it cannot be tracked via GPS/LBS unless it's enabled, and even then unlikely that they will bother for a phone (we wouldn't) because of all of the effort required to enable tracking on most phones unless the customer is willing to pay for recovery. However the phone needs to be on, so by this point in time the battery had definitely died.

    They can more easily locate all the phone call locations if someone is using it than to try and find a truly 'lost' phone which likely would die by the time the person thinks to call support.
  4. yes your phone can be tracked,only if you have 16 digit serial no. with the help of your service provider, u can easily track your phone...
  5. can you help
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