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when my copy of windows crashed due to what i can only assume is a virus i am trying to repair. when i would goot up after the windows load screen the computer would restart. so i put my windows disc in and go to repair. it says the computer might reboot several times during repair. well at some point the computer reboots but the monitor light just blinks and doesnt turn back on but the computer is till running. i tried turning the monitor off and on but nothing. now i am trying to reinstall windows on to a completely different hd and during my first process of installation it says computer might restart. well it restarts and again monitor light is blinking but computer is on. i am uterrly confused.
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  1. When you put the Windows disk in did you set the boot seguence to the dvd drive being the first boot device?
  2. yes i do, not my computer is doing it at any point. monitor going black. i even tried loading from cd windows xp. during installation, after formatting, the monitor went black. i tried dfferent monitor so i know its not that. what is going on. even with no video drivers the monitor shouldnt just switch off?
  3. Monitors typically will go into a sleep mode if no video signal is being fed to them.

    Your title says fresh install but your post says repair. Kind of confused on what you want to do here.
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