MSI DVD burner giving problems!

Hi all

I just bought an MSI DVD writer that burns at 4X speed.
I have another CD-RW drive in my computer. The DVD writer
is hooked up to the same IDE channel as the CD-RW drive.

Problem is, when I try to to a CD to CD copy (with Nero Burning ROM), the burning always fails.

Does anyone have a similar experience? Thanks.

Best Regards,
Gary Hendricks
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  1. More Info Please....

    Did you try burning regular and not CD to CD to find out if its just that specific option? if So you probley have one of the Sources mixed up in nero.,.... Personally i can't stand Nero....

    Use a Program to RIP the First CD and then burn it with DVD if you want......... but if you wanna do CD to CD then make sure you have your SOURCE and DESTINATION drive settings configured problerly..

    I am not to familiar with NERO but im pretty sure your drive is fine if you can burn and it's just failing......... ALSO.... I THINK.. im not sure but i think if you have one drive ripping at a way faster rate then it can burn that will cause an error...... so like i said its just a softwarre issue setting... just look into it alittle more

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  2. 2 device on the same IDE channel is not best for cd to cd. try putting your cd and dvd on different channel.

    -Always put the blame on you first, then on the hardware !!!
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