How to open shortcut folder and file

how to open a short cut file
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  1. double click on it. =/
  2. iknowhowtofixit said:
    If the file that the shortcut is linking to is missing. You will need to use Windows Search to find the name or attempt to browse to where you think the file may have been moved to. You can right-click on the short-cut and go to properties to see where it pointed to previously. Keep in mind, short cuts are just like favorites in your web-browser. They don't have any real data, they just point to where it is supposed to go. can i retrieve my file that's been moved to an internet shortcut?
    pls help
    God bless
  3. No, god bless you for posting this in a thread from August of 2012. =) Just kidding Janice.

    Next time, feel free to make your own thread about your issue, so you may get personal attention for your topic.

    Love and peace.
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