Canon MP730 Fax issue.

Hi everybody,

I was wondering if anyone else with this unit uses the fax feature and could help me with my issue. I'm sure Canon TS could help but I'm not paying 10 bucks to talk to the president, much less someone from India.

Anyway, here's what's up.

I cannot get a dial tone with the hook button. I know for a fact that the phone line (both to my house and the cable I am using) are perfectly fine. I tested a phone on it, it's fine. Yes, it's plugged into the 'L' jack in back, not the one with the phone graphic.

When I try to send a fax, it sucks up the pages into the ADF and puts them in memory, but that's it. How the heck do I send it? The book is no help, neither is the website. I'm 99% sure its not sending because I've tried it several times and 2 times I listened in on the line with another phone and its not doing ANYTHING on the line.

Any Ideas?

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  1. I have an Mp730 and my fax works fine.

    But just to eliminate the stupid factor first, after you input the number to be called and all the other rigamarole, are you presing the big round start button?----and of course you also have to have the MP730 in fax mode.
    ( I like my MP730 but the manual instructions are less than intuitive. ) But if after that, you fail to hear modem dialing noises with a known good phone line, it possible your internal fax is somehow broken.--something that can easily happen if the printer suffered lightning damage.------sometimes a test for that is to check if you can plug a regular phone into the phone port and get a dial tone when the modem is on hook. A bad fax modem can short the line and you will get no dial tone on conventenal phone also. If this is true you almost certainly have a fried fax modem inside the MP730.---but a quick re read of your post says you tried that already.

    Like most printer manufacters Canon likes to charge for phone technical support on out of warranty items.------but Canon does offer free E-mail support.------I know because I tried it with a problem I had right after I
    got my used MP730------in my case the phone support was no help because the printer quit screwing up by itself.. ------but free Canon e-mail support does exist and they respond.----they may have tests to make sure you are doing all steps correctly or other tests to confirm the fax modem inside your printer is broken or functional.

    Also, I have sometime seen canon service manuals for sale on ebay. And the MP 730 is an expensive enough to possibly justify having professionally repaired if you can drive to a nearby service center, If not the expensive repair costs on top of two way shipping will kill the repair idea.---especially
    since the MP780 is on sale at Staples this week for as low as $176.00 with a 10% off special offer.

    Hope that helps.
  2. Osage,

    Thanks for the info. Yeah, I did push the start button. It doesn't pull the pages into the ADF until you do that. The other thing is that when I tried to turn it off last night when I got sick of screwing with it, it told me it couldn't shut down because there were tasks in memory. I had it make a printout of the memory contents and the faxes I tried to send were just sitting ther

    Recap: Followed the instructions in the book for sending a fax from memory to the letter. Tried it several times. Every time I hit the start button as per the instructions. Every time it sucked the papers up and scanned them (I could see the light from the scan leak out in the dark). It put them into memory. I can make it print the faxes out thereby making copies of them, but as far as I can tell, it never dialed out or sent anything.

    Any more ideas?
    Thanks in advance.

  3. The fact it makes no dialing sounds is not good.

    Its time for frre email support with Canon-----see if they have definitive tests needed to absolutely pronounce the modem in the MP730 dead.--or find something I don't know of stopping the modem from dialing out.

    But if the modem is dead its on the a repair, its on to repair or replace options.
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