What touchscreen is worht getting besides an iphone?

Samsung f480, LG cookie, Nokia 5800, or the Sony Xperia?
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    I would add HTC to your list.
  2. sonys new cel?
  3. HTC is a google phone essentially. It runs a OS called Android. The droid is a nice phone, it allows you to do pretty much everything just like the Iphone (Apps, Internet, Music, ect) but even better it has a nice little "No interrupt" style where when you get text messages while surfing the internet or what not, it doesn't change your screen. Instead it has a little bar on the top of the screen that you can drag down to access all you messages, missed calls, voicemails, blah blah. Another nice thing about Android is it can automatically sync up with Facebook and edit your contacts so they have a picture from their Facebook and their info.

    The downside from this I would say is:
    - Doesnt detect multiple touch (Cant pinch to resize windows, ect)
    - Not as responsive as the Iphone
    - OS is still relatively new and has a few bugs every so often (Mine has shutoff on me multiple times)
    - App store isnt as diverse (IMO)

    But as far as touch screen phones (Besides the IPhone of course) this will be your best bet.
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