Mini PCIe, hard drive interface?

What are the terms, or nicknames, for "Mini PCI Express," or "PCI Express Mini?" I mean this:

What I'm trying to find is a hard drive interface. Preferably SATA if it exists, or USB if not. I want to mount a second hard drive internally in my laptop. There's no extra bay to install one the "normal" way, but there's a free Mini PCIe slot and a huge open space under the bottom cover waiting to be hacked. :)
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  1. I don't think one exist. but the mini-PICe is capable of steaming USB data accross it's connector. So it is posible for someone to build a mini-PCI to HDD via USB to HDD interfaceing. That would mean thay could make a mini-PCI to EIDE or SATA. Only problem is there is not a power output in the mini-PCI connector to supply the needed voltage for the hard drive. And without many notebook PC's having enough space the entire idea is not worth any manufacturers time or money.

    Basicly, as long as the power of the device does not require more than a single 3.3V than anythin that they already make as a PCIe for desktops or anything USB, they can make it into a mini-PCIe as long as physical size of chips and components fit.

    Products known to exist in mini-PCIe:
    WLAN (Wi-Fi a/b/g/n)
    WWAN (cellular air cards)
    WPAN (Bluetooth)
    Memory boosters (Intell)
    Solid State Disk (SSD) Drives
    TV/FM tuner Cards
    GPS Card
  2. no way you can't do that, lol

    just get a 2.5" external hard drive man
  3. They do have PCIe to ZIF adapters, for say adding a 1.8" Hard Drive. . .

    and you can get an adapter...

    Btw I believe someone did mod their netbook spare PCIe to put in a esata port, which should be easy to switch to regular sata but that mod requires quite a bit of soldering. . .

    And here's one guy in japan who has done a lot of mods, run his site through a translator and scroll towards the bottom for the Mini PCIe SATA mod. . .
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