[Networking] Can't get USB dongle to share wifi with router

On Windows XP my USB dongle would always share it's wifi connection with my home WRT-54G WiFi Router.

It was simple and all it took was a little wizard to set it up and give my router an IP address from my computer.

In windows 7 I cant find out how to do it.
the internet sharing option doesn't work correctly. it's not giving my router an IP address.

I dont know how to fix it.

any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Most likely you need a DRIVER for your version of Windows.

    As mentioned, we can't help without knowing two things:

    1) USB dongle name
    2) Is it 32-bit or 64-bit Windows 7?

    It may simply be a matter of looking for the drivers or install software from the support site for your USB device.
  2. It isnt a driver issue rofl.

    The product is a ALFA Wireless AWUS036H 1 watt power Wifi dongle.

    It works fine using ICS wizard on XP to do what I need

    If windows 7 cant do it just as easily then I consider it to be an inferior operating system.

    Let me know how I can share the Wifi its getting thru a pass through into my router on a 10/100 cable

    I'm not stupid and I know the drivers are properly installed.
  3. I tried bridge and it wouldn't assign my router an IP correctly.

    As I've said

    Windows 7 has severe problems with it's networking.
    I don't know how to fix the issue but windows XP is much easier to do this on LOL.

    It's funny how people keep saying how good Win7 is but all I hear is complaints from people.

    UAC causing problems
    Network sharing causing problems
    having to run everything as an "admin"
    file protection where you can't even edit your own files

    file protection that lingers on the hard drive even when you revert back to XP.
  4. iknowhowtofixit said:
    It sounds like you are trying to configure something that may be outside of your skill level.

    Not sure what you are doing wrong. I am able to broadcast wifi from my phone, connect to the wifi on my computer, bridge that connection to the lan port then connect that to a router (with DHCP turned off and the network cable plugged into a LAN port, not a WAN port). I can then connect to the router's wifi network without any real problems.

    You're ignorant in this topic man.

    I had to go look it up on another website and it turns out you have to manually configure it because windows 7 ICS wizard doesn't know how to do it like XP does.
    (Posted on the last answer is the solution to fix this problem.)

    For anyone who looks at this topic in the future here is a guide on how to do it.

    Ignore the other posts because they don't work.

    First step is enable your wireless connection to share

    Properties / Sharing tab , Check both of the boxes

    Next go to your LAN connection and open it up. Hit properties.

    Go to Internet Protocol Version 4,. Properties

    Set IP address manually to and SUBNET MASK to

    Hit Ok and your LAN will send an IP to your router or game system.

    You need to make sure the other device is set to receive an IP address automatically.

    If you try to bridge the connection like "iknowhowtofixit" suggested. Your other device will never get an IP address assigned to it. Thus never able to access the internet.
  5. Dongle is ZTE MF823
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