Which best bang for my buck for an LCD TV 26" or 32&quo

Which is the best LCD TV 26" or 32" on the actual market in ASIA ?
And of course for a reasonable price !
And by the way there was a couple of months ago, in THG, a review of such LCD TV Display, but I cannot remember where is that review :
so, could someone give me the URL where to read that review.
or, could someone tell me who were the winner of these LCD TV Display, an in particular in the size 26" or 32" ?
And also, where to find LCD TV with 8ms response time Pannel ?
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  1. Thank you for the links.
    But I am disapointed :
    there is no SAMSUNG LCD TV in those tests !
    Why ?
    Are they no good, or too costly, or not available in USA (because I am in ASIA, so I could get them here, dont forget ASIAN members and readers) ?
    For example, on there website I have seen these models :
    - Samsung LNR268W 26"
    - Samsung LNR328W 32"
    - Samsung LA26R51B 26"
    The specs tell that they seem very good :
    - 12ms latency.
    - 3.2 billions colors with 10 bits DAC.
    - 800:1 contrast
    - 5000:1 brithness
    - DNIE Engine (Samsung propriatary)
    - HDMI plug
    - DVI plug
    - VGA plug for my PC
    - etc...
    So what do you think of these models, and of other Samsung Model in general ?
    When will they be reviewed in THG, irrespectivily of their availability in USA, ok ?
    And then, which model in the 2006 catalog is the best model, for a reasonable price, in 26", and in 32" ?
    Otherwise, which other model or other brand would you suggest to me ?
  2. there is no SAMSUNG LCD TV in those tests !
    Why ?
    Because Toms only tests what the manufactures loan to them for testing, so they are limited by the manufacturers cooperation and generousness.
    If you send them one, they will gladly review it, and give you credit for the test equipment... Don't worry, they will mail it back when finished.
  3. Thanks for the post.
    But sorry, I cannot provide any Samsung LCD TV for THG !
    So, what to do to make Samsung deliver some sample of their LCD TV to THG ?
    Otherwise, you will laugh, but despite there was no Samsung in the THG Tests, in their Conclusion they were advising the best buy is a Samsung !
    Incredible !
    And the model was = LW26A33W
    So, now I would like you to comment about that, and about that Samsung model : how is it really, and where to find it in Asia, because in the Asian website, this model number is not valid, so, is it outdated yet, and then which one would replace it, or is referenced under another model number in Asia than in America, and then which Model number is the good one for that model in Asia ?
  4. the toshiba and samsung model numbres in the 26 inch review are model numbers in europe only i think. i cant find the two model numbers on the US samsung site or the US toshiba site. does someone know the corresponding numbers for US models?
  5. Here is the link to BestBuy and this is the latest Samsung (that I'm considering) and eBay has this model for around 900USD.
    Samsung LNR268W
    I have 2 Samsung 20's and they both have been excellent. The reviews are ffavorable from what I've seen.
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