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Hi I just built my system, it is a biostar g31-m7 te with E6750 and 2 gigs ram. The problem is when I had XP on it the usb was 2.0 and when I replaced XP with 7 now everytime I plug in a USB device it tells me I need USB 2.0. I went to Biostars website and the only USB 2.0 drivers are for XP. I downloaded them and tried them and they wouldn't install on my windows 7 ultimate 64 bit OS. Yes I did use the disk that came with the Motherboard. Has anyone else had the same problem or have any ideas what to try? Thanks.
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  1. Check the USB settings in your BIOS and make sure they are set to High Speed, or 2.0.
  2. xp drivers won't install on Win7 they are to different

    +1 to the BIOS settings. That would be the first place i'd check.
    You may have to see if there is a BIOS update... some motherboards for whatever reason need an updated BIOS to run Win7 correctly (although this usually has to deal w/ power management, ect.)
  3. I had exactly the same problem, and quite rightly updating the bios eliminated the pop up.
    The bios now allows me to select hi-speed or full-speed (the former being the fastest) but I only get about 40mbps transferring to my Maxtor 3200 usb external drive (which is what I was getting when I was getting the pop ups telling me I had no Hi Speed usb!).
    Any ideas??
  4. Ok found this, seems older usb drives only go to around 40mb/s
  5. Tested on different newer usb devices and I am still getting slow speeds so I still have a problem.
  6. drhigh5 said:
    ...I only get about 40mbps transferring to my Maxtor 3200 usb external drive...

    Do you mean 40 MBytes per second? If so, that's about the maximum rate you're ever going to see from USB 2.0. Sure, it's raw data rate is said to be 60MByte/sec, but protocol overhead and/or poor chipset implementations seem to cap it out at no more than about 40.
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