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Hey Guys..
Hope someone can help me here. My hard disk has been locked by some programs (it says so)..I can't access trought it and I can't repartition it .. it says "it has been locked. Please contact your system vendors".. It's a 80G Western Digital hard drive...

If somebody there knows to fix the problem...I feel greatfully thanks...or can somebody tells me where to mention the problem...

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  1. I don't know if this will help you find the problem or not but this is one thing I saw.

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    ? When you run the Windows 95 Disk Defragmenter tool on drive C, you may receive the following error message:
    Error Defragmenting Drive C:\
    Windows cannot defragment this drive now because it has been locked by a disk utility. Quit any utilities that may have locked this drive, and then try defragmenting the drive again. Microsoft reports that "this error can occur under the following conditions:
    1) Drive C is attached to an IDE controller.
    2) There is an Adaptec AHA-1542C SCSI controller with another hard disk attached to it in your computer.
    3) The ID for the SCSI hard disk is set to 0 (zero).
    To correct this problem, set the ID of the SCSI hard disk to anything except 0."
    ! Your computer may freeze the first time it restarts after installing Windows 95 if you have an Adaptec AIC-6360 SCSI chip which is disabled in your computer's CMOS settings. The work-around:
    1. Start Windows 95 in Safe mode.
    2. Use the right mouse button to click My Computer, then click Properties on the menu that appears.
    3. On the Device Manager tab, double-click the SCSI Controller branch.
    4. Click the SCSI adapter, then click Properties.
    5. Click the Original Configuration check box to clear it, then click OK.
    ! Windows 95 cannot detect or enumerate an Adaptec 2940 SCSI controller installed on a PCI bus on computers with an AMI ROM BIOS version 1.00.07.AF2. The work-around: upgrade the AMI ROM BIOS to version 1.00.09.AF2.
    ! If you boot from a SCSI drive and have an Adaptec 1542 SCSI controller, Windows 95 may not install the Windows 95 Protected Mode Adaptec SCSI driver, leaving the Real Mode driver intact. This slows performance to a crawl. According to Jason Levitt of Information Week, "You can force installation of the Windows 95 Protected Mode Adaptec SCSI driver by bypassing the Windows 95 hardware-detection phase and telling Windows 95 specifically to install the driver."

    Also check out the utilities on the manufacturers site:
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    What OS are you running?

    Boot up in DOS mode?
    Do you have partitioning tools like Acronis or Partition Magic to use?

    Hardware specs? What OS are you running?

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  2. Thanks for your help...
    Before the hard drive blocked .. I'm using Windows XP Pro..
    I already use Partition Magic..but it cannot access the drive..either in the DOS mode..and I also already use the Western Digital Tools.. Data Lifeguard Tools .. and the tools says the drive has been locked by some utilites ...

    when I attache the drive ..I have two hard disk..the blocked one is WD 80 G....BIOS can read it and also in the Device Manager.. But Windows Explorer can't... I really think that the problem is.. some program has locked my drive..coz before it happened..I'm using a Hide Folders utilities..

    so far ...I still can't use the drive..
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