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Hello. I am in need of advice in buying a new computer. This computer's specs would be geared towards gaming, 3 games in particular: Half Life 2, Doom 3, and mainly World of Warcraft. I cannot spend more than $2000 and was looking at the Dell XPS setups. I am not the most computer literate person out there, so building a computer is not really an option, and I need this computer to last me a good while, at least a few years. I was just hoping someone could answer some questions.

1)Is now a good time to buy a new computer or is there something coming out soon that I just just wait a month or two for?

2) Which video card is best to fit my needs? I keep reading the Nvidia cars are slow with DirectX 9.0.

3)I would prefer a Dell(from experience), but is there a better option(Remember $2000 max)?

Thanks so much for your help.
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  1. Usually you can handpick components and build a much better PC by yourself than buy Dell. Since you can't build it yourself I recommend you investigate what the PC store charges for building it for you (or perhaps you know of someone that can help you). I bet that its still a good deal and you will have the option of handpicking the components you want.

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  2. totally agrees....
    i think the major advantage about building a computer than purchase a whole system is that you know exactly what is in your computer. A lot of named brank computers actually have crappy stuff in there, and expensive too. Not to mention you might have some later on upgrade problem such as PSU wont fit this and that.

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  3. Do you "need" Dell's tech support? Because there are a lot of reputable custom builders who could build you a top performing machine for less that $1500 (leaves $500 for a huge monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers).

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