ViewSonic VA902b 19-inch Black LCD Monitor

I am looking to get a new monitor and see that many people here recommend the 922 and 930. To stay within my budget, I really need a cheaper one than those two.

How is the VA 902b? It says it has a 8ms video response time (which is supposed to be pretty good).

I have a $100 gift certificate to Dell, so I need to buy from there.

I mostly play games, so it will need to handle online games.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. The Dell branded E196FP is $50 cheaper.
  2. Quote:
    The Dell branded E196FP is $50 cheaper.

    Is it better or as good as that Viewsonic?
  3. Honestly, I do not know. Dell has some pretty good displays tho, and they stand behind them with a 3 year warranty.
    I know one of Dells 19" LCD got stellar reviews, check google and search for the model # and the word review, you can read for yourself.

    I just got a Dell 2405FPW 12ms and it is awesome!
    No dead pixels either.
    I am pushing it with a HiS X1800XT and an Opteron 175
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