Q: Laptops with >4GB RAM

I'm traveling more and more and wind up doing more work (and prep) on planes and was wondering if any of the new Penryn based laptops will allow us to address > 4GB. I know it seems silly, but 8 VMs are RAM hungry!

8GB would do just fine!

Thanks in advance.

PS: First post, please go easy on me!
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    DELL XPS M1730
    SAGER NP9572(Which is alot cheaper than the other 2 and it has the same specs)
  2. I had a look at each of these machines, couldn't see that they support more than 4GB of RAM. I'm after something that supports at least 8GB, preferably 12GB/16GB.

    Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance!
  3. Havent seen any yet, Eeven the mighty HP HDX ( 20" laptop which is a desktop replacement) supports 4GB max
  4. It's all limited by the chipset. The current best chipset offered on Intel based units it the PM965 and it only supports a max of 4gbs. I believe the AMD chipsets are the same way. Sorry, but I think you are short on luck.
  5. Yeah the Intel site is where I got my info from. Not sure when/ if Intel will release a new chipset since the 965 is fairly new (summer 07). Possibly with the upcoming Clarksfield and Auburndale CPUs in 2009.
  6. Wonder if the Montevina will have support for RAM > 4GB?

  7. From looking around, I doubt it will. It looks like it's 3 biggest upgrades will be a higher FSB (1067), DDR3 support (probably enthusiast level only) and the new wirelss module named "shiloh" which I know nothing about.

    As a side note, I want a Penryn! :(

    edit: looking at the two articles I read about it, Montevina was supposed to be released at the end of 07. Is it already in use or was it canceled/delayed? Anyone know?
  8. I dont call DDR3 a UPGRADE from DDR2, its far from being an upgrade IMO
    but higher FSB is always good :)
  9. Maziar said:
    I dont call DDR3 a UPGRADE from DDR2, its far from being an upgrade IMO

    I agree. If prices for DDR3 were lower it might be worth it, but at the moment, I'm not sure the performance is there. Yay Intel for trying to force another standard on us.
  10. Another thing i forgot to say about DDR3 is that the suppot for DDR2 is very good, P35, X38, X48 and NVIDIA 780i support DDR2 too :)
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