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I searched and searched and cannot seem to find a site that currently actually reviews/compares different DTV receivers. I am looking for just a receiver and it does NOT need to be a DirecTV or DishNetwork box. I will be using it strictly for local digital OTA signals in Indianapolis, IN. It needs to have DVI out as I will be sending the signal to myDLP projector (480p native.) (I may also send the signal to a regular analog TV via analog out) The audio will be going to a 7.1 surround sound system.

Basically, all I need is a box that will consistently pick up the OTA signals and output it via DVI (plus appropriate audio out of course.) I've heard some boxes are more sensitive to processing the signals than others. I can get a $200 receiver that does DircTV but I only want to put $100 or less into it. I would purchase reconditioned or even go the e-bay route if I knew what receiver to get.

I am a noob so any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Radio Shack has discontinued their Accurian hst6000 HDTV receiver. You may still be able to find one at a store for $89. It has hdmi output; but you can get a cable to adapt from hdmi -> dvi at monoprice.com for short money.


    You can find at least one review on this box via google. The main complaint that people have had is that the remote that comes with it must be aimed to work. That is easy to fix with an aftermarket universal remote; I use a Harmony and their database has the codes in it so it's a quick download.

    Amazon also had an RCA stb for about $150 last month; I don't know if it had dvi output or not.
  2. thanks! I'll check it out.
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