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I'm looking for opinions on a home theatre A/V receiver that can do HDMI up-conversions. I have about $2000 max to spend.

I have a DVD player that does component (480p) and a DVR that does HDMI (1080i) and 5 surround speakers (KEF) with a Energy 500Watt powered subwoofer that goes thru a Mitsubishi 62" DLP (WD62628 can do 1080p).

I currently use a Denon AVR3800 series but it doesn't deal with HDMI and/or up conversions. I'm looking for something that will do 5.1 min with 100 watts per channel with DTS (THX is a plus but not a show stopper since I have very little THX material).

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Rob.
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  1. The yamaha RX-V1600,2600,4600 will be right up your alley. Some regard these to be the best pre-amp sections under $2K. They have probably the most extensive support for HDMI for the current generation of receivers. I've read that the 2600 (not sure about the 1600) has a pretty nice upscaling chip. Review here: 2600 review
    Here's a top list of the best receivers. I would stick to a Denon 2807 wich can pass through 1080P and can upconvert analog signals to 480P through HDMI. If you wanna spend more wich is still withing you budget the Denon AVR-4306 can upconvert up to 720P and 1080i, this receiver has the best scor according to c-net.
    4306 review
    2807 review

    I have looked at the yamahas they are nice but the sound is not as nice as denon's, denons have a built in amp that distributes power better and mantain lower distortions at higher volumes.
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