Making VHS Tapes from a DVD

Is there a way to make a VHS tape from a DVD? An easy way, like through the dvd player, vcr, and television? I have some dvd home movies of my son that I would like to send to my mom, and she only has a vcr.

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  1. It is very easy. Just use video and audio outs to the video and audio inputs on your VCR. Then record.

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  2. If you are going to do that I would get an old VCR player and hook your dvd player up through it. Most new ones won't let your dvd player pass through the VCR.

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  3. You wont be able to just hook up the dubbing cables & record. A little thing called Macrovision Copy Protection will prevent you from making a good VHS copy of a DVD. It also prevented me from sending the DVD video thru a video distribution system. That's why I bought & installed a Macro disabler chip kit for my old Denon/Panacronic DVD player. Works great, no more screwed up video.

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  4. I have my DVD player running into my SVHS VCR so it works for me.

    ALso, these are home movies. I dont think home movies would have macrovision.

    Or you could buy her a DVD player for 50.00 hehe

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  5. True, DVD home movies probably wouldnt have Macrovision, But like most things technical,you just have to try it & see if it works(dubbing from DVD to VCR, that is). Buying Mom a $50 DVD player may be a solution, but getting her to learn how to operate it would open up a whole new can of worms!

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