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What is the best way to tranfer files around 300 mb between 2 computers via the internet? Both computers have boardband connection.
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  1. if you both have msn or icq that would be fine, alternatevly, ftp but setting up and ftp server can be a pain if you are behind a firewall.

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  2. definately ftp. if youa re using windows 2000, its easy to setup an ftp server using IIS 5. as CALV mentions, if you are behind a firewall or are using a router, you will need to forward port 21 (ftp). even then, its still a snap!

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  3. their is a utility called winrar and you can cut up sections of your transmit
  4. winzip and winace also split up files, however 300 meg on a cable connex should be a problem as 1 300 meg file, may be different of on a 56k dialup

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  5. Thanks for all the reply.

    We tried both MSN messenger and ICQ. They both transfering file very slowly and often diconnect in middle of file transfering. Both does not support resume.

    Any other suggestion?
  6. well, if you dont want to set up an ftp, or cant, there is a program called Kazaa out there that allows you to share files over the internet much like napster did for mp3's. you could limit the number fo concurrent uploads to one, let your buddy download the file, then take the program off line. l

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  7. Thanks for the information.
  8. CAUTION !!! if you use KAZAA it installs a ton of ad-ware and spyware on your ADAWARE from or similar and run it to remove this crap AFTER you have used Kazzaa and UNINSTALLED it. A better idea might be to go with Morpheus from .. it uses the same interface and engine as Kazzaa but dosent sell your soul to the merchants with spyware


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  9. Thanks for that lagger! I ran that program and was shocked to find like 6 spyware clients running on my PC. AHH! But they are gone now, the evil scheming little spying little evil things.
  10. Yeah, those pr0n sites can be a bitch to clean off your hard drives.

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